Age of Revolutions Update: On Vacation


AoR is taking a much needed break during this last leg of summer. We’ll return in September, but while we’re away, check out our previous posts—perhaps, revisit our roundtables (“Bearing Arms in the Age of Revolutions,” “Intoxicating Revolution,” and “Sexing Histories of Revolution“). Dive into some of our multi-part posts like Kevin Gannon’s reflections on Paulo Freire’s radical pedagogy, Julia M. Gossard’s fascinating work on patriotic children and mothers during the French Revolution, Gordon Barnes’s re-evaluation of the Jamaican Baptist War, Nathan Perl-Rosenthal’s thoughts on “plotting” revolutions in our historical narratives, and/or Javier Puente’s examination of the environmental origins of Peru’s Sendero Luminoso.

While we are away, you can still submit post proposals here. As always, we appreciate your readership and we look forward to bringing you some revolutionary content in September!

Title image: Eugène Boudin, L’ plache à Trouville, 1864.

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