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Bryan Banks, Executive Editor, Co-Founder

Bryan Banks, PhD is Assistant Professor of History at Columbus State University. He teaches courses on European history, the Age of Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Nineteenth-Century Europe, and historical writing. His current research focuses on Huguenot refugees during the French Enlightenment and French Revolution. Follow him on Twitter @Bryan_A_Banks.


Cindy Ermus, Executive Editor, Co-Founder

Cindy Ermus, PhD is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she teaches courses on European history, the Age of Revolutions, and the history of disasters. Her current research explores crisis management and exploitation in eighteenth-century port cities, especially responses to the 1720 Plague of Provence in Europe and its colonies in the Americas and Asia. Follow her on Twitter @CindyErmus.

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Katlyn Carter, Editor

Katlyn Carter holds a PhD in History from Princeton University and is currently a visiting assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame. Her current research explores state secrecy and representative politics in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World. She is interested in the comparative study of revolutions and history of the book and media.

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Erica Johnson Edwards, Editor

Erica Johnson Edwards, PhD is Assistant Professor of History at Francis Marion University.  She teaches courses on European history, the Atlantic World, and historical writing.  She is author of a monograph, Philanthropy and Race in the Haitian Revolution, part of the Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018). Her current research focuses on negres marons, disability, and abandonment in the French Caribbean.  Follow her on Twitter@DrEricaJohnson.

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Javier Puente, Editor

Javier Puente holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University, and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Latin American and Latino/a Studies at Smith College. He works, teaches, and writes on a variety of subjects related to campesino politics and rural environments, insurrections, and the manifold impacts of social and political violence in Andean Peru. Follow him on Twitter @puentevaldivia.

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Blake Smith, Editor

Blake Smith is a Harper Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago. He researches connections between France and India in the eighteenth century and beyond. His has written articles for journals such as History of European Ideas and History of the Economic and Social History of the Orient as well as popular media.

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Rob Taber, Editor

Robert D. Taber, Ph.D. is assistant professor of government and history at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. A historian of Haiti, he is currently working on a book project examining the intersection of slavery and family life in Saint-Domingue and the early Haitian Revolution. Follow him on Twitter @RobTaber.

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Kacy Dowd Tillman, Editor

Kacy Dowd Tillman, PhD is an Associate Professor of English and Writing and Associate Director of the Honors Program at the University of Tampa. She studies letters, journals, and other forms of print culture of the American Revolution. She is currently researching female loyalist authorship and black loyalism in manuscripts of the late eighteenth century. The courses she teaches at Tampa include gender studies, literature of the early American republic, and early American foodways. Follow her on Twitter @kacytillman.

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