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Age of Revolutions accepts proposals for posts that explore questions related to revolution/s, revolutionaries, revolutionary events, and/or the concept of revolution itself, from all disciplines. Short essays should be based on original research, though posts that describe ideas for future research and gaps in the historiography may be considered. We also solicit pieces that consider relevant current events, pedagogy in the context of revolutionary studies, as well as book or conference panel reviews with prior approval.


Posts should be between 1000-1500 words including citations, and must include:

  • A short list of suggested readings at the end of the post
  • At least one good image, preferably for the header (the editors may suggest additional images for the body or the header)
  • A short author’s biography with a link to your faculty (or other academic) page

Citations should be provided as endnotes in Chicago Style, and authors must cite as they normally would for an article or other piece of academic scholarship. Links to other articles, websites, primary sources, etc., are welcome, as well.

Chicago Style should also be used for formatting the post.

Please use American spelling and style (for example, double quotations except where “a quotation is ‘within’ a quotation”; periods and commas within quotes, etc.).

Long quotations (over 100 words) should be block-quoted. That said, too many long quotes should be avoided, since posts require an economy of words.

Please note that authors must abide by the academic standards of other forms of publication, including necessary citation to avoid plagiarism and the observation of copyright.

The editors of AoR reserve the right to make editorial revisions.

Drafts and revisions should be submitted to the editors in Word (.doc or .docx) format to

The Process: 

Once the editors have received the author’s initial draft, they will send it out for review. If the piece is accepted, the editors will send it back to the author for revisions (if applicable). The accepted, finalized version will then be placed in the queue for publication.

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