Latin American Revolutions

Below you’ll find a cursory list of books and articles on revolutions in Latin America. Roberto Breña wrote a critical bibliographic essay on the Latin American Revolution, with emphasis on the Spanish-language literature. 

***It is also important to note that these Latin American Revolutions also form an important side of a much larger hemispheric and Atlantic revolutionary tradition. With this in mind, many of these works should be read alongside other works listed in our American Revolution, Haitian Revolution, and Atlantic Revolutions bibliographies. ***

Jeremy Adelman, “An Age of Imperial Revolutions” American Historical Review 113:2 (2008).

Adelman, Jeremy. Sovereignty and Revolution in the Iberian Atlantic. Princeton University Press, 2006.

Anna, Timothy E. Spain and The Loss of America. University of Nebraska Press, 1983.

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—. Under the Flags of Freedom: Slave Soldiers and the Wars of Independence in Spanish South America. University of Pittsburg Press, 2008.

Borucki, Alex. From Shipmates to Soldiers: Emerging Black Identities in the Rio de la Plata. University of New Mexico Press, 2015.

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—. “Popular Royalists, Empire, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1809-1819,” Hispanic American Historical Review. 91, no. 2 (2011); 237-269.

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—, ed., New Countries: Capitalism, Revolutions, and Nations in the Americas, 1750-1870. Duke University Press, 2016.

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—, ed. State and Society in Spanish America during the Age of Revolution. Rowman & Littlefield, 2001.

Valdes-Ugalde, Francisco. “Janus and the Northern Colossus: Perceptions of the United States in the Building of the Mexican Nation.” Journal of American History 86, no. 2 (1999): 568-600.

Van Young, Eric. Millennium on the Northern Marches: The Mad Messiah of Durango and Popular Rebellion in Mexico, 1800-1815,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 28:3 (1986); 385-413.

—. The Other Rebellion: Popular Violence, Ideology, and the Mexican Struggle for Independence, 1810-1821. Stanford University Press, 2002.

Voekel, Pamela. Alone Before God: The Religious Origins of Modernity in Mexico Durham: Duke University Press, 2002.

Walker, Charles F. Shaky Colonialism: The 1746 Earthquake-Tsunami in Lima, Peru, and Its Long Aftermath. Duke University Press, 2008.

Whitacker, Arthur P. The United States and the Independence of Latin America, 1800-1830.  WW Norton & Co, 1964

Yannakakis, Yanna. The Art of Being In-Between: Native Intermediaries, Indian Identity, and Local Rule in Colonial Oaxaca. Duke University Press, 2008.

Title image: Antonio Jose Páez at the battle of Las Queseras del Medio, 1819, 1889.

*The above list was compiled by the editors of Age of Revolutions with further assistance from Kristen Block, William Booth, and Suzanne Marie Litrel.*

**Think we should add a specific text to the above list? Send us a message in the comment section below.**

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