Book Raffle: Hunt & Censer, The French Revolution and Napoleon

9781474213738Hunt, Lynn and Jack R. Censer. The French Revolution and Napoleon: Crucible of the Modern World. New York. Bloomsbury Press, 2017.

In conjunction with the Bloomsbury Press, Lynn Hunt, and Jack R. Censer, Age of Revolutions is proud to offer a revolutionary raffle of The French Revolution and Napoleon: Crucible of the Modern World. Hunt and Censer gave AoR readers a look into their recent textbook this past Monday. Check it out!

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About The French Revolution and Napoleon: Crucible of the Modern World

Lynn Hunt and Jack R. Censer’s The French Revolution and Napoleon provides a globally-oriented narrative history of events from 1789 until the fall of Napoleon. It emphasizes the global origins and consequences of the French Revolution and explains why it is the formative event for modern politics.

The book integrates global competition, fiscal crisis, slavery and the beginnings of nationalism with the more traditional emphases on human rights and constitutions, terror and violence, and the rise of authoritarianism. This global approach then enables the authors – two world-renowned scholars in the field – to clearly illustrate how the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire changed all the political givens for Europe, the Americas, North Africa and parts of Asia as well.

Including numerous illustrations and maps, end-of-chapter questions, timelines and primary source document extracts for analysis in each chapter, this book is essential reading for all students of modern European history who want to understand the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire in a truly global context.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Maps
1. 1789: A World Overturned
2. The Power of the People, 1789-1792
3. A Republic in Constant Crisis, 1792-1794
4. The Power of the Military, 1794-1799
5. From Bonapartist Republic to Napoleonic Empire, 1800-1807
6. The Napoleonic Eagle Soars and Finally Plummets, 1808-1815
Conclusion: Crucible of the Modern World


“Lynn Hunt and Jack R. Censer have produced an elegantly written, uniquely balanced global survey. Unlike previous works, it devotes as much attention to what came after the Terror as to what preceded it. In doing so, it convincingly situates the causes and consequences of the revolutionary era in their global context. It will be the new textbook for my French Revolution and Napoleon class.” –  Rafe Blaufarb, Professor of History, Florida State University, USA

“Lynn Hunt and Jack R. Censer place the French Revolution and Napoleon in the context of universal ideals and international war. If this book is about France, it is equally about French interactions with the wider world, the struggle between European states over colonial empires, the Haitian Revolution and independence movements in the Americas – a textbook for the global age we live in.” –  Alan Forrest, Emeritus Professor of Modern History, University of York, UK

“This innovative book compellingly situates the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era within its global frame. Competition for empire, transnational radicalism and the international exchange of ideas, revolutions across the Atlantic world, the crucible of war and French expansionism: the authors evocatively interweave all these global forces into their lively and accessible analysis of domestic events in France.” –  Suzanne Desan, Vilas-Shinners Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

“Only Jack Censer and Lynn Hunt, with their deep knowledge of the French Revolution, could have written this account of the French Revolution. It weaves national and European events, domestic and foreign affairs, into a seamless narrative. The French Revolution at home and abroad is thus revealed as a deeply complex and transformative movement that forged the modern world.” –  Allan Potofsky, Professor of History, Université Paris-Diderot, France

Title imagePhilibert-Louis Debucourt, French Republican Calendar of 1794.

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