Call for Editors!

Want to join our team and help shape the field of revolutionary studies?

We at Age of Revolutions (AoR) are accepting applications for content editors and a social media editor. We are an open-access, volunteer-run digital journal that publishes short (1500-2000 word) articles by scholars of revolutions, revolutionaries, and the idea of “revolution” itself.

You can read more about the site on our About and Blurbs pages.

Editors help organize thematic series for the site and edit pieces for content and clarity. We are particularly interested in content editors who work on Asia, Africa, indigenous peoples, and/or other underrepresented groups.

We encourage applications from people of color, women, indigenous/aboriginal people, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, and others who may help to further the diversification of ideas and perspectives in the journal.

Title image: Le Marron Inconnu statue in Port-au-Prince.

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